Today we are going to talk about one of the great telecommunication companies that leads several rankings in Spain and the world, we present you Vodafone:


1980 the beginning

Vodafone began its journey in the 80s under the name of Racal Telecom, a company linked to the military radio. Its headquarters is in the United Kingdom and it is listed on the London stock exchange, although it also has a part in New York. It was not until 1991 that it became independent and Vodafone Group was founded, in the following years it dedicated itself to buying and merging some companies from several countries to expand and internationalize its business.

Did you know what the name Vodafone is due to?

It comes from the acronym VOice DAta FONE (voice and data phone), chosen by its founder in 1984. They made their first telephone call just one year later, in 1985.

A curious fact is that it was almost a year with the name Vodafone Airtouch plc. due to the acquisition of a US company called Airtouch Communications Inc., upon merging they adopted the name, but in June of the year 2000 they decided to return to the original Vodafone Group.

Vodafone year 2000

Vodafone logo

From the 2000s they consolidate as a global group and begin in fiber and sports sponsorship businesses (Formula 1).

It was at that time that they took their first steps in Spain thanks to the purchase of Airtel and set out to be a pioneer in international roaming, and the first operator in Spain to do so. They began expanding their customer base throughout the territory, offered coverage in the Madrid Metro, and offered the first flat rate for 3G mobility.

In 2006 they entered the world of pay-TV, brought broadband to rural areas, and acquired the Tele2 company to offer additional services to their group.

In 2009 they opened profiles on Facebook and Twitter to have a presence on social networks and launched the Vodafone 360 service, which encompasses Internet for mobile, PC, and Mac.


In 2012, Vodafone and YU launch a project focused on young people, launching products and services independently of the parent brand, diversifying their audience. They innovate with the launch of Vodafone Wallet for mobile payments and continue their sponsorship in the Madrid Metro network (Vodafone Sol Station).

In 2014, they achieved 4G presence in more than 41 provinces in Spain and began to bet on streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO and other e-sports platforms.

Currently, they are focused on the development of 5G and several related technology research. Let’s say they aim to continue to be pioneers in innovations related to the world of telecommunications.

Vodafone logo evolution 

From 1980 to 1990

We can see that it retains the initial red color from when it had not yet changed its name to Vodafone Group, with letters in a cursive style. A typography style that is cursive and wide, incorporating some white elements.

From 1990 to current days

The design became the well-known quotation mark inside what appears to be an «O», referencing the beginnings of written communication. A success since it is perfectly related to the sector in which it operates. The latest design is in collaboration with Brand Union, who give the brand a new repositioning by betting on simplicity in the logo. The switch is made from the 3D effect achieved in the 2006 logo to the current 2D.

In this way, the logo and slogan match the bet on innovation and the future of technological revolutions. «The future is exciting, are you ready?» a very positive and optimistic message towards tomorrow.

Vodafone Logo historia, vodafone historia

Vodafone today

Vodafone Spain’s total revenue grew 1.9% to reach 1.077 billion euros in the third quarter. Vodafone Spain today presents its financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal year, from October 1 to December 31, 2021.

This «total telco» is a leader in Europe and Africa, operating mobile and fixed networks in 21 countries and only mobile in another 52 countries. The market share is split with Movistar and Orange.

It has other brands that it provides coverage for, including:

  • Finetwork,
  • Lowi, and
  • Hits Mobile.

They all have 4G and 4G+ and usually work well throughout the national territory.

Some are considered «low-cost» and focus on young people, while others also offer prepaid mobile rates. They have a variety of services to offer the public.

In addition, it has a Foundation in Spain that aims to provide connectivity and learning through technology to society as a whole. They maintain several active projects on technology and education in the classrooms. They also conduct several studies and investigations related to students and teaching.

The Vodafone Foundation collaborates with other foundations to promote inclusion, some of which are: Social Foundation La ONCE, Spanish Association of Customer Relationship Experts, Down Spain, and Plena Inclusión. Together they develop specific projects focused on people with disabilities.

You can find more information about their foundation by clicking here.

Vodafone product pricing:

  • Fiber: with a basic fiber of 600 Mbps + landline with unlimited calls for 31€/month (1-year commitment)
    • User: same as the previous but without a commitment for 1 euro more, 32€/month
    • 1gbps: 1gbps + landline with unlimited calls for 41€/month (1-year commitment)
  • Mobile:
    • Basic: unlimited high-speed data and minutes + roaming including the UK, EU and US for 25€/month
    • Max: the same as basic but at maximum speed for 33€/month
    • They also offer customizable plans to meet each individual’s needs.
  • Fiber + mobile: The most basic one with 600mbps and unlimited data and minutes for 49€/month.
    • Basic + TV with 30 channels for 55€/month
    • Duo with 600 mbps + 2 unlimited data and minutes mobile lines + TV with 60 channels and 2 streaming platforms for 70€/month
    • Unlimited: 1gbps + 2 unlimited data and minutes mobile lines + TV with 100 channels and 3 streaming platforms (Prime video, Disney+, HBO max) for 90€/month.
  • TV packs: tailored to everyone’s taste from series and movies to sports and music. They range from 5€/month to 15€/month.

For more product information access here